Charge card provides– can you keep in mind the last time you went a week without getting one in the (scrap) mail? Some of these offers for preapproved credit are worth looking into, and some need to go directly into the bin. But how do you inform the difference between the worst and the finestthe very best credit card offers?

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There are a few evident responses. For instance, high annual portion rates of interest are bad. Low rates are good.

Huge annual charge? Bad.

No yearly cost? Good.

A 1 % reward on all purchases, payable in money or in point? Okay.

Revolving classifications of purchases, for which you must continuously register to earn benefits? Not greatBad.

The issue
Removing the losers in order to discover the finestthe very best credit card offers can take a great deal of time. As well as when you think youve chose the finest alternative and gotten yourself a sleek brand-new credit card, theres no guarantee that a new, better offer wont arrive in the mail a couple of days later. (At which point you cancel one card and use for the other– or just keep gathering cards until your wallet blows up.)

There has to be a better way– and, in truth, there may be a better method.

The solution
We looked into whether theres a pattern to this storm of charge card offers (by one price quote, there are about 1,700 of them offered at any offered time), and we believedconsidered the following experiment. Making useUtilizing Internet Archives Wayback Machine, we looked at the best-rated credit card provides, as ranked by, from the past 4 years, trying to find a pattern in which card offers are normally thought about finest.

What we discovered is that theres one card-issuing bank that stands head and shoulders above the rest– one bank you can be fairly sure wont do you incorrect if you take out a charge card from it. Well inform you who it is in a minute– however initially, the information.

The information
To keep this job manageable, we concentrated on 4 significant categories of credit card, as specified by

  • Balance transfer charge card, which are utilized to move high-interest financial obligation from one card to a card that charges less interest
  • Cash-back benefits credit cards, which return to you a percentage of the cash you invest in money, rather than aircraft travel or hotel stay points, for example
  • Gas credit cards, which pay especially big rewards on purchases of gas
  • Company charge card, whose advantages are created to appeal to small-business owners

And because even a device as all-powerful-sounding as the Wayback Device has only incomplete historical data, we checked information from simply one month in each year– particularly, this month: October. So heres exactly what we discoveredlearnt from examining CreditCards.coms leading charge card selects for the months of October 2012, October 2013, October 2014, and October 2015.

Balance transfer charge card
Balance transfer charge card are perhaps the single part of the charge card market over which banks fight most fiercely. Thats to be expected, due to the fact that offering generous balance transfer terms is commonly the finest method a bank can take clients far from other banks.

Throughout 4 years, from 2012 to 2015, three various card issuers were called as having the finest charge card offers. Capital One Financial (NYSE: COF) took the leading reward in 2012 with its Platinum Eminence Credit Card– which is not provided. In 2013, leading honors in this category moved to Discover Financial Services and its Discover It card (still available today). Discover held onto the leading area in 2014 as well, however lost it to Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) and its BankAmericard this year.

Cash-back benefits charge card
Competitors is a lot less intense in the category of cash-back rewards charge card. Here, for 3 years running, Capital One stood at the top of the heap. In October 2012, gave Cap1 leading marks for its Money Benefits card. That changed into the Quicksilver Money Rewards card in 2013, and this card controlled the classification in 2013 and 2014.

Capital One only stumbled this year, 2015, when Bank of America introduced its Susan G. Komen charge card– a card that, as the name indicates, assists to support the Susan G. Komen nonprofit cancer research organization and likewiseas well as provides cardholders 1 % cash back on many purchases, 2 % on grocery purchases, and 3 % on gasoline purchases.

Gas charge card
Presumably, it was the anti-cancer kicker that helped put the Susan G. Komen card over the top for cash-back charge card. However its worth mentioning that Bank of Americas BankAmericard Cash Rewards card (a Komen-less cash-back card) likewise won CreditCards.coms recommendation as the best gas charge card in October 2014 and October 2015.

Prior to that, Capital One had actually had the classification with its Capital One Money Benefits card (see above) in 2012 and its QuicksilverOne Money Benefits card in 2013.

Company charge card
Our last classification– business credit cards– presents us with another split decision. In 2012 and 2013, the interminably named American Express Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN was not just the charge card with the longest name on CreditCards.coms survey, but likewise the top-rated business charge card offered.

In 2014, that advantage moved to– you thought it– Capital One, which topped CreditCards.coms survey with its Glow Money Select for Company card. Strangely enough, Capital One handled to win this title regardless of cutting the quantity of cash back paid by the card by a quarter, from 2 % (in 2014) down to 1.5 % in 2015.

What we have actually found out
So, what have we learnedgained from all of this research? Across the 4 years, and 4 credit card classifications surveyed, charge card issuers had the opportunity to be backed as having the best charge card offers an overall of 16 times. Capital One taken advantage of this chance no less than eight separate times.

Thats as many wins as Discover, Bank of America, and AmEx racked up– integrated.

And exactly what does it mean to you, the credit card user? In a nutshell, it recommends that for any offered kind of credit card that you are considering usinggetting, there are reasonably even odds that Capital One will offer you a better offer than any other credit-card-issuing bank out there.

Certainly, taking a picture of CreditCards.coms latest study, for the month of October 2015, it appears that Capital One dominates specifically 50 % of the charge card categories being surveyed this year. Capital One has the best credit card offers readily available for people with bad credit and with reasonable credit, too. It has the bestthe very best company charge card, the finest no yearly charge credit card, and the best low interest card too. Capital One even has the finest cards (in CreditCards.coms viewpoint) for no international transaction charge, and alsoas well as the finestthe very best for travel amp; airline company deals.

All of this recommends that there might be an easy way to choose whether a charge card preapproval youve gotten in the mail is a great deal or not: Just take the offer youve been offered and compare it to exactly what Capital One is providing for a similar kind of card. If your offer beats Capital Ones, then its most likely an excellent offer. If not, then look elsewhere.

If youre looking for a bank that consistently has the bestthe very best charge card offers available, then, as frequently as not, that bank is the one named Capital One.